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Pull. Shear. Bend. Torque.

Our marquee test facility in Horsham, PA, allows us to characterize material properties with great precision against their known benchmarks, and document new benchmarks. What we discover in our test facility directly supports our contribution to the CMH17 Composite Material Handbook and our ability to deliver superior composite products. Our composites testing capabilities include:
Quantity and Size Ranges
  • Three MTS Electromechanical Load Frames up to 50kip capacity. All units deploy Micromeasurements Model 8000 DAQs
  • Six MTS Hydraulic Load Frames up to 50kip capacity
  • Custom designed, MSC large format, reactionary foundation configurable into 12’x6’, 10’x7’, and 7’x9’ test cells
  • Stocked push/pull actuators up to 100kip and 90° Torsion actuation up to 600in-lb
  • Honeywell, Interface, Lebow, Futek load cells ranging from 50lb to 100kip
  • TA Instruments Q800 DMA
  • Anter Corporation Unitherm 2022 thermal conductivity test center
  • Varsal W-2060 Programmable Microwave Acid Digestion test center
  • Associated Environmental Systems LH-6 test chamber
  • Q-Labs UV Test Chamber
  • Instron Load Frame Temperature Chamber
  • Epsilon 3541/2 Extensometers
  • EIR Laser Extensometer
  • Two Micro-Epsilon Opto NCDT
  • Cannon K-1 Rotary Encoder with UI-16 Interpolator
  • Sentek Dynamics L0315M Electro-Dynamic Shaker
  • Spider 81 VCS: Sine, Random, Sine-on-Random-Shock
  • Wicoxon Research F4/F7 Inertial Shaker
  • Mini-modal K2004E01 Smart Shaker
  • 50lb - 5000lb Impact Hammers
  • Norsonic Type 118 Portable Sound Meter
  • Multiple single and Triaxial accelerometers
  • MetroLaser VibroMet 500V
  • VectorNAV Dual GNSS/INS
  • VIC-3D Stereoscopic Camera System
  • FLIR A655sc Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Suite of 11 National Instruments cDAQ Modules and Chassis
  • LabVIEW Full Development Software Platform for custom DAQ development
  • Multiple DMMs and Oscilloscopes
  • Rugged, High-Density Strainsmart 5000 DAQ System
  • B&K Multi-purpose Sound and Vibration Data Recorder
  • Olympus EPOCH 600 and Omniscan MX2 UT Inspection Instruments
  • Si255 Hyperion Optical Interrogator
Processing Capabilities
  • Tension/compression
  • 3-pt/4-pt bend
  • DCB (fracture)
  • Fatigue
  • Open-hole
  • In-plane shear (V-notch)
  • Rail Shear
  • Interlaminar Shear
  • End Notch Flexure
  • Punch shear
  • Bolted joints
  • Pin-bearing
  • T-joint
  • Drop Tower
  • Single Filament Test

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